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What is parsigram ?

Parsigram is a type of virtual bank. Nowadays virtual banks and electronic currencies are very popular and of man’s interest. 

Parsigram allows you to exchange the current currency of the country (which is Rial)internationally through internet & online.

With a Parsigram account and a Parsigram card you would be able to buy and sell from all sites that have a Parsigram port.

Beneficially you can also receive Parsigram Bank portals and perform your transactions. It also enables you to install it on all systems in any field & major you are engaged in.

Parsigram Features:

  • Provide Virtual Parsigam Bank gateway
  • Provide automatic transaction services 
  • Provide a Virtual Card, Parsigram Credit Card 
  • No-limit transfering between Parsigram accounts 
  • Provide electronic vouchers for payments or gift cards without having to have an account 
  • Automatic Exchange Parsigram to Bitcoin or PerfectMoney
  • Ability to maintain and save funds
  • Unlimited online purchase ability 
What is Parspay ?


What is Pars Pay?

Pars-Pay : Automatic Card-to-card (or transaction) system 

Pars-Pay is an automatic receiving fund through card-to-card payment.

The traditional card-to-card method for online stores requires manual control and deposit approval, and after that charging the account or providing any service from seller to the buyer would perform manually. 

The traditional card-to-card method would take a lot of time of the sellers and it’s impossible now in high-trafic websites. 

Through the Pars-Pay system, the seller connects their bank to the system and this process will be done automatically by our parspay system, the buyers only enter the  receipt number or transaction id and our parspay robot defines and confirm the transaction and send the confirmation to the buyer by API, 

Parspay defines and seperate fraud transactions which will be refunded automatically.

To connect the Pars-Pay system, you only need to connect the Pars-Pay API to your website and choose your shopping method and you will have a fully control on the transactions through your account in Parsigram account.

What is Parsigram voucher ?


  • Parsigram voucher or charge card has been made of 2 incoded code, including voucher code and activation code.
  • To get a voucher code, through an online currency exchange you would get one without having to create a voucher account.
  • You are able to add your voucher at E-Voucher section or create a new voucher.
  • To create a voucher, click the ‘Create Voucher’ button and then select your main source account. For instance, choose your RIAL wallet, be careful choosing a wallet equals to withdrawing money from that account.
  • Then enter the desired amount and click on the check button for a general review and click the confirm button to create a voucher. There you go: Now you have a voucher code and an activation code.
  • Vouchers can be used for a payment on any other sites or accounts. 
  • You can use your voucher to buy Bitcoin or PerfectMoney in our online exchange section.
  • To use the voucher in your account, initially select the account you want to activate the voucher for, then enter the voucher code and activation code, after a final review you would be able activate it. 
How to activate Parsigram card ?


  • Parsigram Bank Card has 16 digits, Expiry Date and CvV 2.

How to create a virtual Parsigram Card ?

  1. First of all create an account in Parsigram to get a virtual Parsigram Card 
  2. To create a card, Bar sector, Cards section and then click Create Card.
  3. Select the source account and then enter the amount you want to top up.
  4. Keep it in mind that the card will be rechargeable in the future and verified after a final review.

How to activate the card :

  • You need to download the Card Activation Software(app) to activate the card.
  • If you are on IOS click here
  • If you are on ANDROID click here

    Afterwards Once selected, click the Card Activation button, enter the card information, and then choose a password. 

    Please note that this password is required to activate the card on another Cellphone, 

    If you forget the password, it is not possible to activate it on any other cellphone

    And It can be run on only one mobile phone.

    How to charge and do the payments through the Card

    Parsigram offers private gateways service to all respected sellers, sites and stores, organizations and offices on a free and fast platform for activation.

    Parsigram card enables you to pay or recharge in all Parsigram ports.

    Note as you pay you will receive a confirmation SMS or text  message in the mobile app matching the same payment.

    Once your payment is approved, it will go through and be successful, and will not be processed if you do not approve it.

    So you can safely make purchases via Parsigam's virtual card system, no way for hackers to hack your cards & account.

    After the purchase, if you do not receive the service, you can click on the Complaint Button to send a complaint from the port for the same purchase to us via the mobile application through the Transaction List by dragging that transaction to the left.

    Please be careful after your review we send a score to the port. Therefore try to look at that score port before purchasing.

    Parsigram has no responsibility for any sites that do not provide the services, But after your act, we will do a general review on that port. In case there is any problem we will attempt to reclaim the amount into your account through the same gateway.

    You can use your wallet account to recharge your card or others.

    You can also charge your card through the voucher sector.

    To receive Go to the vendors list and select the desired Currency Exchange.

Pars-Pay Transaction Tracking ?


  • ParsPay is an automatic card-to-card deposit system that Parsigram has made it available for all the stores. 
  • To track the transaction or a failed transaction you need to go back to the website that you have done your purchase from and send a notice to track it.
  • Parsigram has made it possible for all stores to have access to track deposits through the Parsigram panel.
  • Please remember that Parsigram is not responsible about any transactions and it's only a platform that provide extra services for high traffic websites with large amount of transactions that is not possible to check manually.
  • Please make sure about the website that you want to make the purchase, we did our best to avoid any type of frauds.